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This set of files relates to attempted land 'purchases' by The States of Guernsey Board of Administration from the Collings family. It is from 2004.

In my opinion, it could detail:

However, it is not for me to make such allegations; I would most likely be sued by the Board of Administration for defamation. It is up to you, the reader, to make of it what you will.

This site or cd-rom is possibly unique in that it provides a well documented and corroborated set of files, complete with correspondence, minutes of meetings, affidavits, audio excerpts from States meetings & Government documents setting out the parameters of those meetings (Billets). 

Guernsey is one of the Channel  Islands  - a group of small islands to the West of France which are not part of the United Kingdom. They are dependencies of the Crown, each with its own legislative assembly (legal system). They have developed extremely successful financial services institutions since the 1970s, and are now among the biggest off-shore financial centres in the world.

At 30 June 1999 Guernsey had 79 banks holding deposits totalling nearly £56.6 billion, according to the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. This compares with 56 banks at 30 June 1988 holding deposits totalling just over £10 billion. By the 30 September 2003, local bank deposits had reached £74 billion, now worth around  USD 130 billion. If you extrapolate this from 5 per cent to estimate total assets in all categories you arrive at USD 2.6 trillion. You might compare this to the US national debt now around USD 7 trillion.  This puts assets held or managed through Guernsey at 37% of the US Debt.

The population of Guernsey is approximately 59,807, according to the 2001 Census.

The States of Guernsey are presided over by the Bailiff of Guernsey, who is appointed by the sovereign and holds office during the sovereignís pleasure.  He is President of the States of Election, President of the States of Deliberation, President of the Royal Court, ex officio President of the Court of Appeal and Head of the Administration.  In his judicial capacity he is the sole professional judge with lay Jurats in the Royal Court.

These documents have been compiled by myself, James Collings, in an attempt to show the manner in which the Board of Administration conduct their affairs, in the hope that this exposure will be to the public good (pro bono publico). It is my sincere hope that the behaviour that is demonstrated in the correspondence shown in this site is not pandemic throughout the States of Guernsey, and that members of the States will act upon and eradicate this behaviour. I would point them to the relevance of Rule 5 of the Rules of Procedure, which makes provision for the submission of questions for written reply. and Rule 17  whereby members whose conduct is is considered inappropriate can be removed.

Of course, in doing so, I am most likely precluding my family from ever selling this land to the only possible purchaser (the only one who doesn't require planning permission) - the States of Guernsey.

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