23/11/2023: In the linked letter from the Review Board you can see that the Review Board has reviewed the DPA’s reconsideration report dated 31 October 2023 and Mr Collings’ subsequent correspondence.

  • The Review Board has decided the reconsideration was carried out by an independent senior person, and did consider all relevant matters relating to the DPA’s decision to issue a Certificate of Lawful Use to Mr Collings, in line with the Review Board’s expectations.
  • The Review Board does not consider any aspect of the reconsideration report shows insufficient implementation of its findings.
  • Therefore, the Review Board will not refer the matter to the States of Deliberation.
  • The letter states Mr Collings’ complaint has been fully considered under the relevant law and the matter is now closed.

In summary, the Review Board is satisfied with the DPA’s reconsideration of Mr Collings’ complaint and has closed the matter.